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About eBay UK

At 25 years old, eBay needs little introduction, but while the site's past is best known for its auctions and buy-and-sell heritage, today eBay is better known for its 28 million active buyers and 300,000 small and medium sized business sellers in the UK alone.

eBay's platform usage surged during the global pandemic, as millions of buyers increased their usage of ebay (returning to the site or trying it for the first time) and thousands of new small and medium sized businesses joined the platform to continue trading despite lockdown measures.

About Murray Lambell

Murray Lambell is General Manager (GM) of eBay UK, having been promoted in September 2020 from Vice President of UK Trading, where he was responsible for all of eBay UK’s Business to Consumer and Sales & Operations activities.

Previously, Lambell has held senior positions in Business Strategy and Loyalty & Retention for eBay Europe based in Switzerland, and spent 13 years at British Airways.

Other spokespeople from eBay UK

Rob Hattrell
Head of eBay Europe

Rob is VP of eBay UK / Europe, with regional oversight of all eBay Europe operations (including in the UK, Germany, France, Italy and Spain).

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