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The Press Index is a database of UK businesses who are actively available for press interviews and filming. 

It serves a wide range of national and regional journalists from print and broadcast media.

If your question is not answered below, please email Contact Us or use our LiveChat.

Why choose The Press Index

How will The Press Index benefit my business?

When a story breaks regarding a particular sector, it is often difficult for the media to track down businesses to interview.

The Press Index lists businesses who are available for interviews, searchable by location, sector and keyword, so international, national and regional journalists can reach relevant spokespeople quickly and easily when a story breaks.

Media interviews can benefit your business for free by raising your profile to customers, stakeholders, competitors and investors.

Which journalists use The Press Index?

We have journalists from national and regional press using The Press Index, including The Guardian, Channel 4 News, The Times, Sky News, BBC Breakfast, BBC News, BBC 5 Live, Manchester Evening News, Metro, Daily Mail and more using the service.

Why should I join?

Being on The Press Index allows your business to be front of mind for journalists when they are looking for interviews. It can provide you with opportunities that may not have been accessible previously, and help you increase your press coverage for your business and brand.

Who should join?

The Press Index is open to all businesses. It is especially key for businesses who do not have a dedicated PR agency and who often find it difficult to gain press coverage.

I have a PR agency already, should I join The Press Index?

Many businesses which already have PR agencies want to be included on The Press Index to give themselves the greatest chance of securing media interviews.

Your PR agency may not be known to the journalist, or the journalist may choose not to go via a PR agency for their enquiry. Many journalists don’t want the hassle of dealing with PRs and prefer to speak directly to the businesses themselves.

Who is behind The Press Index?

The Press Index was founded in 2020 by Nina Sawetz. Nina is founder and managing director of Future PR, a multi award-winning communications consultancy, handling reputation management for global entrepreneurs, CEOs and business owners.

Its clients have appeared in Fast Company, Forbes, Sky News, ITV, BBC News, BBC Business, BBC Question Time, Politics Live, The One Show, The Financial Times, The Telegraph and The Times amongst others.

Media Enquiries

How does it work?

Journalists can search for interviews by sector, keyword and location. If you match their requirements, the journalist will contact you directly using the contact details provided on registration.

Premium members will appear first in listings displayed to journalists.

How many media enquiries will I get?

The news agenda is always changing, and journalists are looking for interviews 24/7.

While we cannot predict the number of enquiries you will receive or guarantee an interview, a listing on The Press Index significantly increases your chances of being seen by journalists actively looking for businesses in your sector or area.

Premium members will be alerted to breaking news stories where journalists may be looking for interviews. Journalists will be sent details of all Premium members open to immediate interviews on certain topics.

How are my details shown to journalists?

Your details are presented below, dependent on your level of membership

I’m not broadcast media trained. Should I still sign up?

Yes. You can choose to display whether you are available for print interviews, broadcast interviews or both.

If you want to do broadcast interviews, but have not taken part in any before, we offer broadcast media training as part of our Bolt On Services

Can I decline media enquiries?

Yes, in the event a journalist contacts you, you are under no obligation to go ahead with the interview. Feel free to respond with whichever reason you need.

Membership and Registration

What is the difference in membership levels?

Standard members are listed on The Press Index, and are searchable by location, sector and/or keyword. Standard members do not have a photo or descriptor about the business on their listing.

Premium members receive additional benefits including a more detailed feature and photo listing. They also receive email alerts to breaking press opportunities and first access to events, including Meet the Media events and webinars. Premium listings are displayed with a Premium listing banner. 

You can upgrade to Premium membership at any time. Simply email enquiries@thepressindex.com with your request and we will contact you. 

All members have access to the Bolt On Services provided.

The membership levels can be found here.

Can I upgrade my membership?

You can upgrade to Premium membership at any time. Simply email enquiries@thepressindex.com with your request and we will contact you. 

You cannot downgrade a Premium account, however if you choose to continue your membership when it expires, you can then choose a different membership option. 

Can I add two businesses?

Yes, you can add as many businesses onto The Press Index as you like. Simply complete the registration process for each business.

You will need to use a separate email address for each business listed.  


Do I need to pay The Press Index when I am contacted?

No, registration fee for the Press Index is one-time only, per annum.

Do you receive commission from the media publication or source?

No, we do not receive payment or any benefit-in-kind from the media for the services we provide.


Can I change my details?

Yes, simply log in with your email and password and you will be able to edit your details at any time.

Can I upgrade or downgrade my membership?

Standard members can upgrade to Premium membership at any time.

Premium members cannot downgrade their membership until the current membership has lapsed.

I no longer want to be a member, can I get a refund?

Membership to the The Press Index is bought on an annual basis. Your membership will lapse on the year anniversary of your subscription. Your membership will not autorenew, so if you do not want to renew, feel free to ignore our renewal reminders.

Is my membership auto-renewed?

No. You will receive an email one month before your membership expires with the option to renew.

Can I unsubscribe from marketing emails?

Yes, all emails have an unsubscribe link at the bottom, or please email requesting to be unsubscribed from further marketing communications.